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Redrum Deathmatches !  ! !  Hardcore Infiltration



     ****Update**** 05/15/2015 - Added a new version of Redrums complete server files in the downloads section, if u have a free 4shared account, help yourself :)


  I would like to thank MiniMe, Smirftsch, Dots, TCP Wolf, Smartball, RUSH, <ER> Gizzy, Old Sparks, Bob, Zora,,  Zombie, HLK Havok, and all the others for keeping Unreal alive !!!!!!!!  And all the useful info you have provided. Keep up the good work fellas. Let's keep it goin!



**Redrum has a teamspeak 3 server and the address to connect to in your T3 client is



Goto the Links section for 5 YouTube pages full of Redrum Video CHAOS!!!!!!!!!!!!  :P


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UNREAL ANTHOLOGY USERS***  read this link from the Celtic Warriors website,

 and get unreal or unreal gold lol and stay away from the 226 F patch, it causes more trouble than anything.





If your DOWNLOAD STOPS OR SLOWS down, this key WILL be helpful for  you to set!


press tab and type in unreal:

set input U obj garbage

If you keep hitting U after setting this key while downloading a slow, stoppin download, it WILL make it  regain some momentum : )


goto Options, Preferences, Network, set your connection to LAN, this is the fastest. this WILL make you download faster!!!!


****Important! ***  If you want to reduce your DOWNLOAD time and such, REFER to the CACHE  section below on this Page!

email me directly at if  you have any problems connecting


Dmmooncityfinal- breaks 2 records- biggest dl and most guns. - Minime


Here is a short, VERY BASIC and simple Begginners guide on how to enjoy your game to its maximum on any Infiltration server.


1st, USE unreal gold to play over oldunreal, recommended with the 227i patch. unreal 1 looks very bad. but if u must use unreal 1, patch it with 227 i.

on Oldunreal. The addy is and goto the downloads section, then 227 new patch link, then choose the or Its a simple umod, no unreal gold cd needed to install, just click and bam.

 If you're running a server, You should always Use Oldunreal. Even if its patched with 227i, or 225f. It will be more compatible. 227i is the latest, has the newest updates, but not everyone uses this and will limit your player numbers. 225 is old and glitchy, but is the most compatible if u want any client to be able to join. You can also do this with a 227i oldunreal server. but you must allow old clients, and use 225f based maps/mods if u want to run it as a free play , all can connect server. the choice is up to you. I'd say the unreal servers are split 50% between 225 and 227. NEVER use a unreal gold with 226 F to RUN  a SERVER. This is very bad lol. Or even for your client.

Oh yea, people have the games unreal or unreal gold on or for like 2 bucks  new:)

TO MAKE YOUR GAME THE MOST ENJOYABLE as possible, follow these rules and youll be good lol. Unreals default keys are very hard, why suffer? Make it easier, more enjoyable, and quicker for you to play unreal using ONLY these keys, never the arrows!

**Redrum is a dangerous place. You must be prepared for battle when you enter the server. If you dont crouch, you can fall victim to a one shot headshot, as opposed to if you crouch, and you will take more body shots, 3 or 4 without armor***  lol

fire = left mouse button
alt fire = right mouse button

forward = W
back = S
strafe left = A  (also used to move left)
strafe right = D (also used for move right)
jump = Spacebar
crouch = Ctrl
throwweapon = Q
activate item = middlemouse button
previous weapon = mousewheel up
next weapon = mousewheel down
previous item = E

talk = t
team talk = r
feign death = f

Toggle Behindview = B

Turn Left = USELESS, use A which is strafe left to 'turn' left

Turn Right = USELESS, use D which is strafe right or 'turn' right LOL


--Autoweapon switch

Old style 227 menu: hit escape, goto options, at the bottom youll see something like auto switch weapons, set it accordingly.

Gold style 227 (UMenu) users: hit escape, go up to options, then weapons, make sure auto switch weapons is UN checked.

Any other clients, not sure really. if you have this info for unreal gold no patch and oldunreal 225f let me know lol. tab and type neverswitchonpickup 1 works, but I hear only for one map? Never got to test that one.

 infiltration reload = z
serpentine reload = x
infiltration switchweapon mode = v



This one is for advanced users, who  want to get precision accuracy goin with their mouse.

**In your Windows mouse settings, Go in the pointer options tab,  look for pointer speed, and have that about 40%.

Maybe even experiment with your pointer speed.

You will aim better!

Don't forget your Unreal and Windows mouse settings are different, you need to tweak these both and find the best, most accurate way for you. The Windows settings are usually in the control panel, or properties on the desktop. You're looking for mouse pointers, mouse settings

The best type of a mouse is a standard, 2 medium sized one with 2 buttons, with a mousewheel/mousebutton, with a wire. optical or mouseball, your choice. :) My opinion is I like the old ones for Unreal.

The only thing that should be activated is the mouselook, and ur mouse sensitivity in INPUT. max smoothing makes it a lil wild i think.

This is also another opinion of mine, WIRELESS MICE ARE GARBAGE FOR GAMES.


In INPUT in your preferences, the only boxes that should be checked are MOUSELOOK. I usually use a mouse setting not too wild, or too hard to move, try 4.00

 I use 5.0

Now, goto the GAME tab in your preferences, VIEW BOB should be all the way down, enable dodging also.




When youre in game, press tab and type this
(example, press tab and type SET INPUT Q THROWWEAPON then hit enter (not case sensitive)

set input q throwweapon           <------------throws your weapon

 set input v button bextra2       <--------bextra2 will make your shotgun semiautomatic in inf deathmatch & standoff, also will scope in your Robar & PSG Rifle farther

set input z button bextra1      <----------bextra1 is your infiltration reload

set input x button bextra3              <------bextra3 is your serpentine reload


CACHE or downloaded files:

If you use 227, disregard this because your cache is already set to 0. Very clever :)

By default, unreal deletes all the files you downloaded on unreal every 30 days.  DAMN!  Do you want to reduce your download time drastically? These are configuration settings.


the easiest way to find ur unreal.ini -  in unreal, goto options, then advanced options, advanced, file system, youll see purgecachedays. change the number to 0 and restart your game. Done.

Another way  of finding it : Go into your unreal/system or unreal gold/ system folder, find Unreal.ini, theres only a few files named unreal, so look for the text file INI that says [URL] at the top,

once you're in there, the 3rd paragraph down it says [Core.System], under that it says Purgecachedays=30, change this number to 0. Save and restart game. THERE YOU GO.

*NOTE* SAVE your cache folder everytime you reinstall, or uninstall, even less download time :) mine is now 13 GB lol!!!
_____________________________________________________ ___________________


The wavy button, on your left side of your keyboard, or the tilde button, is your console where you read your messages, or see death messages, etc.

F1 on your keyboard will bring up your score, map name, author, etc.

F9 will take a screen shot and save it to a folder named "Screenshots" in your unreal system folder. If you're pre 227, The unreal system folder somewhere. Example theyre usually along the line of Shot001

F11 will turn your brightness up.   **********IMPORTANT********

dont forget your monitors brightness also. lol....



Unzip the folder to your desktop, using winzip or 7zip, then do this:

-exit your game
-add the utxs to your unreal textures folder
-add the ints to your unreal system folder
-start your game up, goto player set up, choose your skin and enter server.

*NOTE* The skins have to be installed on the server for them to work, obviously    :)

Take them out of the folder 1st, do not drop the folder into the folder lol!


Goto OPTIONS, THEN ADVANCED options, then goto drivers, goto console, youll see a drop down box, select UMenu. restart your game. Now, you have the Unreal Gold style browser with 227, amazing!


Direct 3D, Open GL or Software Rendering?

Too high of a resolution may lag your game if you dont have a superb PC, so watch that. I personally use, and don't mind 800x600. You'll see this in your Audio/Video settings under Preferences.


 225/227 users goto OPTIONS, advanced options, DRIVERS, then goto GAME RENDER DEVICE, choose either Direct 3D 9, Direct 3D8 7. whatever the highest one is you have,  Open GL, or Software Rendering, whichever works for you.  I think Direct 3d looks the best.

*Note*  if you're on a pc that lags when you play, you can turn  down the color to 16 bits in ur video settings. Itll make it smoother definitely, even better if you use a reasonable video resolution, 800 x 600


If you ever get a MISMATCH, try restarting your game and try joining. If it still doesn't work, you have the file installed, and simply find it in your unreal folders, either maps, textures, sounds, music, or system itll  be in. It will say Blah version mismatch, something like that, you just locate the file, alphabetical order? :)

If you ever get stuck, press tab and type suicide

Also, Pre 227 users if you ever see the bunch of white numbers and codes scrolling down your screen, hit the letter O once on your keyboard  :)

Thats about it, I hope this poorly written Redrum Deathmatches Guide was helpful for you! Hopefully I'll see you on my server, lets fill it up to 25, the max capacity! :)




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