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Posted by oZ on June 6, 2011 at 9:08 AM

Hide and seek (by Headshot) Fun mod to play. Someone hides, and everyone trys to find  him lol :)


Infiltation Deathmatch


Infiltation Team Game  - Created by me, and TCP Wolf. Not to be confused with INF Standoff, this is a Team game with 2 to 4 teams, so when you die, you spawn again. Red Blue Green Gold teams. Like Deathmatch, whichever team to reach 50 kills wins.


Infiltration Standoff


Serpentine Deathmatch - This is a classic mod I used to play on Oldunreal Serpentine back in the DAY like 2000.


UT Weapons (Unreal Tournament)


Misc. Assault Weapons - commonly referred to as Snipers Paradise weapons which is also found on UT.


Unreal Counterstrike - i LOVE this man , good job Gizzy my nizzy and thats for mf'n shizzy!!


U4e  - The Unreal4Ever mod , great space age weapons, unfortunely, this mod is glitched and crashes for unknown reasons when alot of players enter.


Unreal Regular Weapons , called the Oldweapons mod

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